5 tips for kids interior 2017

Today it´s very trendy to decorate  your children´s room at home and the Scandinavian products are very popular among parents around the world. We have collected 5 tips when you going to start to decorate the kids room in your house.

1.Choose the right color

Today you don´t have to think different when you choose walls in a children´s room or in the other rooms of your house. A lot of rooms has trendy grey, green and blue walls. If you are into a more fun style you can always choose a wallpaper. We have 3 favorites:

The pastel colors dominates on the market for kids room. Colors like grey, beige, pink, green and blue are lovely on beds, bedding, storage etc. This years you will probably see more warm colors like beige and orange.

2. The material is important

A children´s room shall me harmoniously to enter and to spend time in. Material like linen, cotton and wood will be most seen.

3. Quality before quantity

You will see more organic product which we at FargForm is very happy about. See our ecological products here.

4. Fun with imagination friends

Even though the simplicity like Scandinavian design is getting more popular you also want to make the children´s room fun! Why not add some cute animals or air balloons on the walls from Stickstay.

5. Storage is everything

It often gets messy in a children´s room. Therefore it is important to have lots of storage, we really like the paper bins from @Tellkiddo!! From us you find storage with dots, lambs and clouds.

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