Anders Bylin

Anders Bylin is educated at Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg within economics and marketing, he created FargForm 1996.

Anders designed FargForm´s famous pattern made of lambs. This design was the one who led FargForm to expand international.


Gunila Axén

In 1966 Gunila Axén created CLOUD that would become one of Sweden’s most famous and long-lived pattern. CLOUD was Gunilla´s first sold work after she graduated from Beckmans. After that followed a multi-faceted career including a professorship at the College of Arts.

Today´s CLOUD pattern are made by filled and lined clouds, some of them are 100% organic.

Anna Berger

Anna Berger is the designer of FargForm´s fantasy animals; Skummisar, Luringar and Filurer. Theese products are a must for the little ones who loves to escape to a world of their own imagination.

Anna is a famous illustrator with lots of fantasies. If you want to get more inspiration, follow @annabergerdesign on Instagram.

Karin Mannerstål

Karin Mannerstål is the designer behind FargForm´s monsters and penguins.

Karin is educated at Beckmans College of Art and has created a career as a eminent graphic designer and decorator. She is most famous from the Swedish TV program “Äntligen hemma”.