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New catalog – SPRING 2017

We think that suppliers have a responsibility and therefore FargForm has a brand which is 100 % ecological. This spring we are happy to announce that we now have children´s wear, baby blankets and nursing pillow in the same material. The clothes are in the same color scale as our other organic products; light blue,…

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Get inspired by fashionable Ida

Tell us more about your Instagram and blog. My name is Ida and I live in Helsingborg in Sweden with my partner Micke and our son Vincent who is 2 years old. My partner is a professional football player so we have been moving around a lot and that´s why I started blogging, to keep contact and…

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Anna Berger – Designer FargForm

Anna Berger is one of FargForm´s designers, we have made an interview so that you will get to know her and our characters SKUMMISAR, LURINGAR and FILURER  better. How is a typical workday for you? On a regular day I wake up at 7 o’clock, wake up the children if they are not awake yet….

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Catalog - SPRING NEWS 2017

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